PCB assembly equipments

SHENZHEN AMILMO TECH. CO., LTD is a leading manufacturers of PCB assembly & design,soldering, and rework , it’s equipped with SMT Pick & Place machines , BGA rework stations, reflow ovens for prototyping to medium volumes, all services of assembly, cleaning ,inspection, dipping conformal coat, repair we would like to offer.

A professional SMT equipment manufacturer providing worldwide sales, service and spare parts.

SHENZHEN AMILMO TECH. CO., LTD is a one-stop SMT solution company, providing all SMT production, inspection and rework machines, spare-parts, consumables etc.

Product line includes: pick and place systems, reflow ovens, wave soldering equipment,screen printersstencil printers,PCB conveyors and PCB handling equipmentAOISPIconformal coating machinesdispensers,selective soldering equipmentPCB cleaners. Also, we provide replacement parts likeconveyor fingers for different wave solder systems, pick and place feeders and nozzles,consumable materials like glues, solder wire etc.

Quality check: For all systems shipped to customer’s sites, certification and compliance has been completed by International Compliance Consultants for each machine released by our team. Plus QC checking will cover safety, electrical, mechanical, functionality, cleanness and packing. All machines need to pass through an aging time process, which will simulate working conditions at a customer site.

Machine record database: A database of all installed machines is established, ensuring trace-ability of all component versions. It will cover a machine’s configuration and parts used in the machine. This will maintain our ability to support customers, for many years after the machine has been replaced.

Machine Documentation: Full Specifications, installation, operational and any software detailed  manuals, operational videos, sales support videos and presentations for each machine, are available. All provided in English.

Financial support: We are working with HSBC bank and local banks to provide a LC service, when the order amount is over certain value. This means if a customer has a good reputation at their bank, they can order, take delivery and go into production without any down payments.

Installation and after sale service: All supporting technical engineers graduated from Electronic & Mechanical departments of Universities, they have good English. They have been fully trained at manufactures sites, so on-site installation and training for each system is available, if required.