Quick Turn SMT prototyping

SHENZHEN AMILMO TECH. CO., LTD is an Expert in SMT production, with a solid reputation of on-time delivery and competitive cost , we build and manufacture over 500 prototypes a year, with capability designed to deliver with quality ,speed and flexibility.

The biggest advantages is in SMT equipments:  8 automatic SMT equipment lines, Hitach screen printer, Fuji NXT-ii SMT machines, Fuji XPF-L module SMT machines, X-Ray machine, BGA inspection.

Why is SMT used in industry? SMT has several important benefits over though hole technology.

– Faster for automatic machines to place
– Has a smaller physical size for the same electrical function
– Less parasitic (unwanted) effects
– Cost of part is cheaper

Investment in world-class technology, such as ‘Solder Jet Printing’, allows us to provide a superior level of quality and produce complex PCB assemblies using BGA, uBGA, QFN, DFN and PoP devices.

Fully automated Mycronic SMT equipment, along with the use of Agilis feeders, ensures we can achieve fast set-up and changeover times during the SMT process. This allows us to produce a high mix of products during any production shift.

Key elements of our prototype service:
1)  Fast delivery service.
2)  Complex SMT capability.
3)  Production quality standard prototypes.
4)  Batch sizes from 1 off upwards.
5)  9 lines with SMT placement machines.
6)  World class solder jet printing technology.
7)  PoP, BGA, leadless, 01005, 0201, 0402, QFN, DFN etc.
8)  Hard to mount SMT parts, connectors, leadless, cavity & small process window.
9)  100% AOI inspection as standard.
10)  Skilled IPC accredited technicians to IPC standards.
11)  IPC class 2, 3 or J-STD.
12)  Ultrasonic and aqueous cleaning.